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CopiXP is a powerful clipboard utility, which includes Super Copy and Super Clipboards.
The latest version is V6.0
New features in this version
  • Up to 99 clipboards is available;
  • Drag clipboard item and drop it onto other application window;
  • Optional skipping locked clipboard item while loop through using hotkeys
  • Key "Win" can be used in hotkey combination;
  • When super copy listview or listbox, you can copy selected items as well as all items.
General features of CopiXP  
  • Provide up to 99 clipboards, all of them are completely identical with the original Windows clipboard: operates in the same way, supports the same digital formats (text, image, audio, and more); Automatically switch to next clipboard, or manually switch to other clipboard by mean of customized shortcut key or menu command; Automatically save and restore each clipboard contents between Windows Sessions;
  • Recover and copy hidden password from normal Windows Dialogs as well as HTML web pages;
  • Copy any text information from normal Windows Dialogs and HTML web pages, which is usually  hard to copy by normal methods;
  • Retrieve the class and handle information of any Windows controls, which would be useful for programmers;
  • Support Windows 9X/ME/NT/2K/XP and Framed HTML pages.
CopiXP menu and illustration of copying hidden passwords from Windows dialogs and HTML web pages
CopiXP menu and illustration of copying hidden passwords from Windows dialog and HTML web page.
To recover hidden Password from Windows dialog or HTML web page: Launch CopiXP, move mouse over Password input box while hold [Ctrl] and [Alt] down, the Password blocked by "******" revealed immediately!
Version history of CopiXP  
V5.0/Nov 28, 2004
  1. Toolbar on floating panel is added, which includes a lot of new functional buttons;
  2. Capture the screen image of the target object within the bounding rectangle;
  3. Make the disabled Windows object enabled;
  4. Detect the actual URL of a redirection URL;
  5. The floating panel is movable.
V4.1/Feb 21, 2004
  1. Super Copying HTML web page gets more enriched information, including tables, graphics, etc.;
  2. Super Copying the property of any Windows Object gets additional Object ID;
  3. Super Copying the property of HTML web page gets its URL.
V4.0/Oct 21, 2003
  1. Improved algorithm of Super Copy;
  2. Improved algorithm of Super Clipboard makes better compatibility with MS Office series;
  3. Super Clipboard can be paused and resume at any time;
  4. Play user-defined sound when clipboard contents change;
  5. Hotkeys with none of [Ctrl], [Alt] and [Win] to switch clipboards are permitted now;
  6. Customizable hotkeys for frequent operations.
V3.2/July 05, 2003
  1. High light the border of target object when using Super Copy;
  2. Copy the regional information as well as class name and handle information of target object when using Super Copy;
  3. Click CopiXP tray icon using left mouse-button brings out CopiXP Super Clipboards menu;
  4. User-customizable shortcut key to switch to previous/next Clipboard;
  5. Auto switch to the next empty clipboard if available;
  6. Intelligent identification of duplicated Clipboard contents and auto switch to the existing Clipboard instead of duplicating another one;
  7. More enhancement to organization of Super Clipboards: Auto adjusting window size, listing more detailed Clipboard digest information, and a tip window will show full Clipboard information. Current Clipboard will be shown in yellow background and red foreground.
V3.1/April 27, 2003
  1. Customizable control key for Super Copy;
  2. Balloon tip on Clipboard switching;
  3. Enhanced organization of Super Clipboards: Adjust sequence number of each Clipboard, lock a Clipboard to prevent it from being overwritten, empty unneeded Clipboard contents.
V3.0/Match 16, 2003
  1. Super Clipboards: Provides up to 10 clipboards, all are completely identical with the original Windows clipboard;
  2. Redesign program interfaces.
V2.1/Sept 8, 2002
  1. Copy more text information, such as text in treeview, listview, statusbar...
  2. Customize the maximum buffer size used to copy
V2.0/Aug 7, 2002
  1. Copy more information from HTML pages
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